New Travels…

Traveling through the cosmos,

Add light blinding speeds,

I break to the ether and see the unseen,

I walk through dimensions never traveled before,

I pass through the heavens and see that there’s more,

I go through the portals and to the land far beyond,

I break through the boundaries and forget how to yawn,

I let go of boredom and say my goodbyes,

And I wish a warm welcome to my awakening new life!


Remember that without nature there would not be men.

Nature is wild and pretty unpredictable,

Yet most of the time it is oh so adorable,

The sunset’s amazing, the stars in the sky,

The sun rises early everyday without trying,

The joy and the wonder I feel as I watch,

A tree grow from a seedling to twenty feet tall,

We use a lot of our imagination,

That’s where we get most of our inspirations,

And nature helps us out each day,

By helping us breathing in a wonderful way,

So when we look at that tree again,

Remember that without nature there would not be men.

There truly is no better feeling than flying…

Green pasture fields,

A cold evening night,

The only way you can notice time moving is if you are not living life,

In the present there is no time as the clock hand always points to NOW,

Had to get that out,

It is a wonderful journey, still a lot to learn,

Flying out of the nest for the first time as a bird,

Far below is the ground and above is the sky,

And you only get one chance to try,

Failure means plummeting below into the unknown,

But without taking the risk I would never have known,

The strong wind blowing in my face as I take to the skies,

There truly is no better feeling than flying…

Remember the truth…

The glue that holds the corals,

The corals that hold the islands,

The islands that hold the people,

The people that hold the dreams,

The dreams that hold life,

The life that holds love,

The love that envelops the world,

I dream but no dream can compare to life,

I’ve been looking at it all wrong,

Seeing and focusing only on the bad,

Justifying the reasons for why I was sad,

I open my true eyes and look again,

Sunrise, sunset, snow and rain,

I let go of all the illusory pain,

I live like there is no past or future,

For in the moment you see the true picture,

The present is a gift I had taken lightly,

But NOW in the MOMENT I shout so loudly,

I am unique in my own ways,

No one will be like me again,

So instead of pretending we are all the same,

Remember the truth…

That the best things in life truly are free.

Diving past the blue summer sea,

I an ocean of firery blue reflecting a sky of firery red,

Overhead stars plummet in a dreamy cascade of rainbow colors,

Passive gray, passive white,

What will I lay awake thinking about tonight,

The world shows its secrets, when I change my lenses,

Loving yourself is the beginning of a life long romance,

That is a quote I read somewhere,

For those of you that thinks life is unfair,

Change your glasses and you shall see,

That the best things in life truly are free.