And our journey together will have just begun.

Flowing through the veins of life,

Flowing with the flow of life,

All that was hard was you pretending,

For the love of the one is never ending,

You saw me in your dreams last night,

We took to flying like a kite,

You don’t remember I was there,

But don’t forget, I’m with you everywhere,

Holding you when you are sad,

Calming you  when you are mad,

I’m forever with you my dear one,

Waiting for day you will remember the fun,

We had when you were just a child,

Playing together  in the wild,

But you soon forgot that I was there,

I didn’t worry when I saw your tears,

For what to you might feel like years,

To me it seems like yesterday,

The words you and I loved to say,

I love you unconditionally,

And because of that I set you free,

And wait for your return patiently,

Until the day we can once more be,

Together as One within the One,

And our journey together will have just begun.