Lonely Winter

Snowy white jumping pasties,
Floating mass of cheese,
Silver lily in the rain,
Glowing whiskers, shiny mane,
Towering towers in the sun,
Casting shadows while I run,
Lovely diamonds how they speak,
Some blue berries, oh how sweet.


The Pink Ball Of Light

United in form, we stand through the storm,
Alone we wonder, through the rain,

I saw her there. Standing in the shadows. Her eyes glowing blue. I could only make out her silhouette.

She was looking back at me, deep in my eyes. She was saying something, a welcoming of sorts, that’s what her eyes spoke.

How had I gotten here, this long journey, I looked back behind me, seeing the path dissolve in the distance. It was made this way, I wasn’t allowed to move backwards, the roads turned to ash behind me and dissolved into nothingness.

She moved two step forwards, and the moonlight caught her face. Her beauty, I was bewitched, she smiled at me, as if my thoughts were not hidden from her. She turned around and walked back to the shadows, and my body moved to follow her.

I’m not sure I was in control of my own limbs, but something felt right about this. My mind was racing with questions, but my spirit had already made its choice, we shall follow her and see where this new path leads.

I kept up with her silhouette, I heard voices whispering from all sides, the words were intelligible but positive. I could feel that much about them.

She stopped, and turned to face me again. We had arrived, but all I saw was her and the darkness. She lifted her right hand, I could barely make out the movement, she opened her palm and from it a pink ball materialized inches from it. It grew a bit then just floated there.

I just stood and watched, she made a subtle gesture and the pink ball of light floated towards me. Slowly, gracefully. It stopped in the middle of the distance between me and her.

Then I heard more whispers, it was coming from the pink ball. I couldn’t make it out. I felt a movement in my head, as if some gears were turning. Something was happening to me. The whispers changed slowly, it was as if I was tuning in to a new channel, a new radio station.

Then I heard it loud and clear. The pink ball stopped whispering and said one word:


I hesitated, and I heard it again, as clear as before. “Come”

I started walking forwards towards it. I remembered the woman again, I had forgotten about her, I looked at her behind the ball, she was smiling at me. I focused on the ball again, I could feel it emanating some sort of energy, it was…. warm.

I reached the ball and stopped inches from it. I heard whispers coming from it again, then a sentence. “Bring me to your heart.” What did it mean? “Bring me to your heart.” While I was trying to figure out what that meant my hand was moving on its own, my right palm opened and hovered in front of me in the air. The ball softly floated to be above my hand.

When it was there my left hand moved on its own also, forming a cup with my right hand below the floating pink ball of light. It lowered itself into my hands, then my hands brought themselves to my chest. The ball entered my chest, that’s as much as I saw before everything went white. Something warm moved inside of me, spreading from my chest outwards in all directions, running through my veins, racing beneath my skin.

I was overwhelmed and fell to my knees….

The boy and the island (Part 1)

Beyond the fiery volcano, behind the blinding mist there was a boy. The boy was asleep and did not know of the destruction he was causing around him, the volcano erupted with horror, terrifying the villagers below. They had not known this kind of force of nature. They had not expected such an event. They tried to hide, and soon they decided the only choice was too leave their homes and abandon their island. But a few of the villagers, the wisest among them, felt something. Beyond the destruction there was something more, something new. Whatever it was it compelled them to stay. They asked the others to have faith, that this was the beginning of something new. But the villagers with their fears could not understand. Stay where? Soon there would be nothing left. After begging those who would stay behind to leave the island with them, and after realising that they would not leave, they said their goodbyes and slipped away into the ocean. The wise ones were confused, they had no idea why they felt they needed to stay. Where indeed would they hide from this fiery menace. They felt a strong connection to the island, to the volcano, so they abandoned logic and trusted their intuition. They were guided to a cave at the far side of the island and there they settled for a days. After the eruption subsided they left the cave to an unfamiliar landscape. The home they had once known was completely destroyed, and yet the ash had settled quickly, the air was clean. How was that so. They could feel a strong energy at the center of this event. They decided to visit the top of the volcano, it had gone completely dormant. No sign of any activity whatsoever. Looking deep into the center they saw the boy, and at that very moment the boy awoke. He looked deep into their eyes and they were instantly bonded with him. They didn’t understand how the boy could have survived such an ordeal and how he had gotten where he was. With a deep connection now formed they hurried down the volcano to meet the boy. They took him in their arms and named him Viko. Viko was definitely not an ordinary boy, his very presence entranced you and endowed you with ancient knowledge which was indescribable with words. The boy seemed to be linked directly with nature itself. Around him the wise ones knew exactly what to do and exactly where to be, and in the ashes of the island they rebuilt anew. A new village embellished with nature which the new fertile soil helped greatly. The island saw beauty and life forms it had never known, plants and animals one could only dream of. Life spread on the island like wildfire.
(To be continued…)

Along the silver falling line…

Along the silver falling line,

I move away from space and time,

I watch in wonder and amazement,

I sit down quietly in the basement,

Of my mind to look and see,

Which of my thoughts will set me free,

A rainbow of colors dance without mission,

I keep turning off my television,

I reacquaint myself with my imagination,

I turn off all the limitations,

I walk through the revolving doors,

And look back only to see more,

Than what I saw once before,

You are not required to have wings to soar.

Knowing Whispers: Discount Store Spirituality

Karma Yoga Daily

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

Many try to sell spirituality. It is all dressed up and made to look like the newest solution to the oldest problems of mankind. They use marketing and promotional techniques of successful companies.

Are they not just marketing themselves? Are they not asking for followers to which they sell products for profit?

What does any of it have to do with awareness and awakening? They create gimmicks to lure the innocent, under the guise of instant enlightenment, when no such thing exists.

Awareness does not need to be promoted.  It already touches the hearts of those who are ready to listen. It sells truth to the heart that is awakening.

Making money is not wrong, but promising awareness, enlightenment, healing and expanded consciousness by promotion is a form of … well, spiritual prostitution.

Awareness sells itself, because it is grounded in the…

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And our journey together will have just begun.

Flowing through the veins of life,

Flowing with the flow of life,

All that was hard was you pretending,

For the love of the one is never ending,

You saw me in your dreams last night,

We took to flying like a kite,

You don’t remember I was there,

But don’t forget, I’m with you everywhere,

Holding you when you are sad,

Calming you  when you are mad,

I’m forever with you my dear one,

Waiting for day you will remember the fun,

We had when you were just a child,

Playing together  in the wild,

But you soon forgot that I was there,

I didn’t worry when I saw your tears,

For what to you might feel like years,

To me it seems like yesterday,

The words you and I loved to say,

I love you unconditionally,

And because of that I set you free,

And wait for your return patiently,

Until the day we can once more be,

Together as One within the One,

And our journey together will have just begun.

New Travels…

Traveling through the cosmos,

Add light blinding speeds,

I break to the ether and see the unseen,

I walk through dimensions never traveled before,

I pass through the heavens and see that there’s more,

I go through the portals and to the land far beyond,

I break through the boundaries and forget how to yawn,

I let go of boredom and say my goodbyes,

And I wish a warm welcome to my awakening new life!