The Pink Ball Of Light

United in form, we stand through the storm,
Alone we wonder, through the rain,

I saw her there. Standing in the shadows. Her eyes glowing blue. I could only make out her silhouette.

She was looking back at me, deep in my eyes. She was saying something, a welcoming of sorts, that’s what her eyes spoke.

How had I gotten here, this long journey, I looked back behind me, seeing the path dissolve in the distance. It was made this way, I wasn’t allowed to move backwards, the roads turned to ash behind me and dissolved into nothingness.

She moved two step forwards, and the moonlight caught her face. Her beauty, I was bewitched, she smiled at me, as if my thoughts were not hidden from her. She turned around and walked back to the shadows, and my body moved to follow her.

I’m not sure I was in control of my own limbs, but something felt right about this. My mind was racing with questions, but my spirit had already made its choice, we shall follow her and see where this new path leads.

I kept up with her silhouette, I heard voices whispering from all sides, the words were intelligible but positive. I could feel that much about them.

She stopped, and turned to face me again. We had arrived, but all I saw was her and the darkness. She lifted her right hand, I could barely make out the movement, she opened her palm and from it a pink ball materialized inches from it. It grew a bit then just floated there.

I just stood and watched, she made a subtle gesture and the pink ball of light floated towards me. Slowly, gracefully. It stopped in the middle of the distance between me and her.

Then I heard more whispers, it was coming from the pink ball. I couldn’t make it out. I felt a movement in my head, as if some gears were turning. Something was happening to me. The whispers changed slowly, it was as if I was tuning in to a new channel, a new radio station.

Then I heard it loud and clear. The pink ball stopped whispering and said one word:


I hesitated, and I heard it again, as clear as before. “Come”

I started walking forwards towards it. I remembered the woman again, I had forgotten about her, I looked at her behind the ball, she was smiling at me. I focused on the ball again, I could feel it emanating some sort of energy, it was…. warm.

I reached the ball and stopped inches from it. I heard whispers coming from it again, then a sentence. “Bring me to your heart.” What did it mean? “Bring me to your heart.” While I was trying to figure out what that meant my hand was moving on its own, my right palm opened and hovered in front of me in the air. The ball softly floated to be above my hand.

When it was there my left hand moved on its own also, forming a cup with my right hand below the floating pink ball of light. It lowered itself into my hands, then my hands brought themselves to my chest. The ball entered my chest, that’s as much as I saw before everything went white. Something warm moved inside of me, spreading from my chest outwards in all directions, running through my veins, racing beneath my skin.

I was overwhelmed and fell to my knees….