Remember the truth…

The glue that holds the corals,

The corals that hold the islands,

The islands that hold the people,

The people that hold the dreams,

The dreams that hold life,

The life that holds love,

The love that envelops the world,

I dream but no dream can compare to life,

I’ve been looking at it all wrong,

Seeing and focusing only on the bad,

Justifying the reasons for why I was sad,

I open my true eyes and look again,

Sunrise, sunset, snow and rain,

I let go of all the illusory pain,

I live like there is no past or future,

For in the moment you see the true picture,

The present is a gift I had taken lightly,

But NOW in the MOMENT I shout so loudly,

I am unique in my own ways,

No one will be like me again,

So instead of pretending we are all the same,

Remember the truth…


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